About the Camera Guard

Fortified camera systems utilize (DVR) Digital Video Recorders with enough memory to accommodate the history necessary for your application. Our DVR's have the ability to mix and match cameras, providing you with flexibility to install lower definition cameras in less sensitive areas, and install higher definition cameras where more detail is needed. Our DVR's have the flexibility to record full time and/or when a camera detects motion. In addition, a schedule can be set to automatically switch between these two types of recordings. Our Camera Guard System (through our Monitoring Guard and Cloud Service) allows you to be able to remotely view live video or recorded video via Smart phone, iPad, or most computer web browsers. Fortified Camera Guard systems can even allow multiple user access simultaneously!


  • Pan, tilt, and zoom cameras
  • High definition 1080P capability
  • Allows multiple user access simultaneously
  • Full time recording
  • Motion detection
  • Access Via smart phone, iPad and most computer web browsers

Fortified Security Services: 

Fortify your peace of mind with a system that keeps you safe and that you can access anytime.

You should have the same peace of mind whether you are at home or away on vacation. Use your smartphone to see any changes around the house. Worried about not having internet access all the time? No problem, our monitoring professionals have you covered.

Parking Lot Guard
Home or Business Guard