About The Monitoring Guard

Fortified's cloud system automatically routes critical security information directly to your smartphone or tablet. If you prefer to have us monitor your system for you then the cloud will route any critical security information to your security representative. This gives you complete control to determine if the alert you received is an intrusion or not.
When you choose our central station monitoring we have our highly trained staff monitor your secuirty systems. They will take appropriate action on your behalf for any alarms or intrusions.
Having both services allows you and our guards to monitor your alarm systems. Lets face it, we all need to sleep. So while you sleep let our guards do the monitoring for you. Taking a vacation? Some of the best vacations are when you can unplug from the world. Let our guards fortify your peace of mind by monitoring your systems for you while you are away.




  • Professional Monitoring

Our camera equipment and software has been specifically desined for our customers. We offer remote access to cameras via smartphone or laptop computer. For our clients who have multiple virtual guard sites, we are able to link and combine the sites into one easy location. Access to this service is provided through this website. Once enrolled in our virtual guard program, customors are given a login name and password for their account. Each client recieves event and incident reports to their dashboard. They also gain access to the virtual alarm and camera DVR. Our virtually guard services provides a feeling of security and peace of mind.

Home or Business Guard